Herb Pet's 'What Fleas?' is a blend of natural herbs to help protect your dog against fleas, ticks and mites. Simply add the recommended dosage to your dog's food daily and say good-bye to those chemical treatments!

Protect your dog for only £1.36 per week. Each 250g tub contains up to 6 months cover for a medium sized dog. Measuring scoop included.

Ingredients: Mint, Neem, Lemon Balm, Seaweed, Spirulina, Fennel Seed, Yarrow, Pumpkin Seed

- Store in a cool, dry place

- Not suitable for pregnant or lactating dogs

- Not suitable for cats

Recommended to be fed daily with food. Can take up to 6 weeks to gain full benefit


Directions for use:

 Size of dog      

Daily dosage

(tea spoon / 5ml scoop)

Small (under 10kg)


Medium (10kg up to 20kg)


Large (20kg up to 35kg)


X Large (over 35kg)



For guidance, a 250g tub would last a medium dog up to 6 months

(0.5 serving is equivalent to 1.5g product per day)

Herb Defence - What Fleas? - 250g Tub